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Can I Put My Jade Plant Outside? (What To Consider + How To Move)

Many planters like to relocate their place from time to time, just for a change in purpose. Many move them outdoors to give their plants a fresh breath of air. But is it okay to keep the jade plant outside? If yes, how and whenLet us find out.

Jade plants can be moved outdoors in late spring throughout the summer. Keep the jade plant in a spot where it gets direct morning or evening sun but not intense afternoon sun. The ideal temperature is between 65°F-90°F with a relative humidity of less than 50%. Water the plant when the soil gets dry.

Other factors like watering, humidity, placement, etc., also come into play while shifting the plant outdoors. Progressing gradually and considering all the factors will help your plant maintain its health after moving outside.

Let us learn about the essential points and factors that come into play while moving the jade plant. We shall also learn how to acclimate the plant before moving them outdoors completely.

jade plant water requirement

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Do jade plants do well outside?

Jade plant does well outside if they are taken care of and a balanced living environment is provided. The care requirement of the jade plant will change when they are kept outdoors, so the same needs to be readjusted.

Before the planter’s community decided to bring the jade plant indoors, it used to live outdoors.

As a result, they were used to outdoor conditions, limited care, and got all their needs directly from nature.

After moving indoors, they are now acclimated to limited conditions and timely care.

This is why we need to go slow with moving the jade plant outdoors to allow it to acclimate with the new environment without getting shocked.

Some factors also play a crucial role in the health of the plant. They are light, temperature, and other cultural conditions.

Unfortunately, these conditions are not in our control, so it is essential to keep your plant in a protected place.

Especially when the temperature levels are extremely low or high, you need to keep your plant indoors. Else, it can cause permanent harm to your plant.

You can keep your jade plant outside, but avoid keeping them in harsh direct sun, or the leaves will burn.

It would be best if you keep moving them if you see any sign of distress. They will behave well if kept in ideal conditions outdoors, as they are resilient to minor changes in living conditions.

Factors to keep in mind while moving the jade plant outside

It would be best to keep a few factors in check as it affects your jade plant’s growth and health. 

When moving the jade plant, make sure you keep an update of the following conditions. 

They must not be adverse to your plant’s requirement. Let’s see what they are:

  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Water
  • Placement


Jade plant 7

Light is an essential factor in any plant’s growth, and jade plants love ample light. They do well in bright indirect light. Staying indoors saves them from intense direct sun and extra hours of direct light. 

While moving outside, you need to be very precise in terms of lighting. If exposed to direct sunlight for long hours, especially the afternoon sun, the plant may suffer from sunburn. 

The long hours of light will affect other plant needs too, which you need to take extra time to consider. 

Keeping them under a shade will help keep the intense light away or reduce the intensity. 

Can the jade plant be in direct sunlight?

Jade plants can be kept in direct light but with some checkpoints. They are:

  • It should not be exposed to the intense afternoon direct sun.
  • Morning and late afternoon sun are suitable for them.
  • Give them only 4 hours of direct light and not more than that, with watering needs in check.

If you have trees outdoors, you can also keep them under a canopy of trees; it is an excellent spot for your plants.

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watering Jade plant

Temperature level is another essential factor for the jade plant’s overall well-being. 

Being desert plants, they like moderate to high-temperature levels. When the temperature is beyond 65°F-90°F, the jade plants seem to suffer.

They are not affected by insignificant changes in temperature, but sudden shifts and extreme conditions may affect their health and growth.

When kept indoors, the fluctuations in temperature are not very significant. But when kept outdoors, the plant may go into shock due to significant fluctuation in temperature. 

This needs to be considered and taken care of while moving your plant outdoors.

What temperature can a jade plant tolerate?

Jade plants thrive in temperature levels between 65°F-90°F. Though, they can survive temperatures as below as 45°F and as high as 95°F.

If the plant stays in unfavorable conditions for a longer period, it is likely to suffer. For example, if the temperature is freezing outdoors or it gets scorching high, avoid moving it outdoors during such conditions. 

Can a jade plant survive winter outside?

Jade plants may survive winter outside but need to be kept an eye on them to see they are okay. 

They can stay at a temperature level below 40°F. This makes them a perfect plant to keep outside your home during early winter when almost all houseplants cannot tolerate such conditions.

But below that, or keeping them in such conditions for a very long time will affect their growth and development. Therefore, it is better to keep them indoors in a regulated environment during such conditions. 


Jade plant 6

While some plants may get sunburn when exposed to direct light, jade plants will thrive in the direct but soft sun for a maximum of 4 hours. 

Also, you need to make sure your plant is kept in a place where it won’t be disturbed by cold and hot drafts.

They can tolerate some variations in recommended temperature levels but will not appreciate drafts. It may have terrible effects on your jade plant. 

Also, keeping them near heating systems such as vents, fireplaces, radiators, etc should be avoided. Keep these points in mind before placing your jade plants outdoors.

Where should I put my jade plant outside?

You can keep your jade plant in the following paces:            

  • Place them near the windowsill with indirect bright light and few hours of soft direct sunlight.
  • Place them under a canopy of trees.
  • Place them outside on patios during summer.
  • Place them beside the wall of your home.

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Watering regime

Untitled design

Jade plants living outside vs. living indoors will have different wagering requirements depending upon the cultural conditions. 

When staying indoors, they need watering less frequently as the temperature, humidity and other cultural conditions are more controlled than outdoor conditions.

If you are moving your jade plant outdoors, their watering needs will rise as the water will evaporate quickly. Keeping a check on the soil is recommended when changing your plant’s location.

How often should I water my jade plant outside?

There is no said regime for any plant globally, which is the same even if the region is the same. Therefore, each plant, even of the same type, will need water differently. This depends on the conditions they are living in. 

The best way to determine your plant’s water needs is by digging your finger/skewer in the soil up to a few inches. 

Take out the finger/skewer after a few seconds, and if the soil feels moist or sticks to the skewer, the soil is still moist from within. 

Jade plants like to be watered only when the soil is dry from within. This is because they are easily prone to root rot if overwatered.

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How to move the indoor jade plant outdoors?

It would be best to prepare your jade plants slowly to go outdoor from a very controlled condition. 

Therefore, we need to follow a few steps before deciding to shift your jade plant outdoors in hot air from their cozy, comfortable location indoors.

  1. Seek out a shaded area, be it under a tree or your patio. Keep your jade plant outdoors for a few hours daily, and move them back in sometime.
  2. Increase the duration you keep your plants outdoors by a few hours every day.
  3. After about 5-7 days, you can expose your jade plant to morning sun for an hour or two. The rest of the time, keep the plant under a shade.
  4. Repeat putting them the same way for another week. By then, your plant is well adapted to the outside conditions to remain entire day and night.
  5. Keeping a good check on the following evening is essential to check any signs of stress. If they seem alright, your plant is ready to stay in the outdoor setting.
  6. Do not expose them to direct harsh sun and also water them more frequently. Check the soil before watering them.
  7. When kept outdoor, there are more chances of pests infestation, so keep examining your plant every few days. You can use neem oil spray as a protective measure.
  8. Fertilize them once every month in the entire growing season to boost their growth and fulfill their nutrient needs.
  9. Make sure your plant is not stressed due to drafts. Please keep them in a protected area away from hot and cold drafts.

When to bring a jade plant inside?

Jade plants should be shifted indoors whenever adverse conditions or a freezing climate is imminent.

Before the winter arrives, you should acclimate them back to indoor conditions. Frost can damage your plant inside out, and it will be harder to revive them back.

So start moving them indoors by the fall season. Do not wait for harsh winters to take a toll on them.

Final Thoughts

You can place your jade plants outdoors, but you should provide them with a balanced condition. Shifting them outdoors should be gradual and not at once. It can shock your beloved plant.

Do not move your plant in freezing conditions. Instead, let frost pass by, and attempt moving the plant after a month of the last frost.

Acclimatization is essential while moving your plant outdoors. It allows the plant to prepare for their new living conditions.

Be extra cautious when transferring the plant outdoors. They should not be exposed to intense sun and cold drafts in any condition.

During bad weather, it is better to move them to a safer spot. Although little rain is a god gift for your plants, too much will harm them.

Neem oil spray or horticultural oil spray is recommended as a protective measure to keep your plants away from pest attack.

Their fertilizing and watering needs will rise with changes in cultural conditions outdoors.

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