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About Simplify Plants

SimplifyPlants was founded in 2020 with the aim of teaching people how to grow beautiful indoor plants without much effort. Simplifyplants has reached over a million people in these years and helped many people get started with small green corners in their homes.

Be it plants for home decor or a mini herb or veggie garden for your kitchen. We have got you all covered.

” We Help People Understand Their Plants Better By Making Things Simple”

Simplify Plants has been featured in several large publications like BrightsideReal HomesHomes and Gardens, LifehackerLivingetcCtpostBalconygardenwebWomansworldHousedigest, and Many More.

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Our Story

This blog was founded by Richa with a motto to help all fellow gardeners.

I have been fond of indoor plants and gardening since childhood. We didn’t have much space in our backyard, so at the age of 14, I started growing small patches of vegetables in DIY pots and containers.

Growing up, my passion for house plants and indoor gardening became an obsession. After moving away from my parent’s place, I had more than enough space to share with my plants.

And in no time, my tiny apartment was full of houseplants. From 10 to 20 to over 100 plants in 3 years.

Some plants did well, while others died out on me. I was curious to know and learn more and I scrolled through a dozen of sites on the internet to find none answering my question.

I was heartbroken! I read somewhere there are over  152 million blogs on the internet, but still, none of them had answers to my question.

Thus, I decided to pen down my learning and experience to help others start. The challenge was to make things simple for other hobbyists like me.

It has been a pleasant journey to date. I have met and communicated with 1000’s of fellow hobbyists and that has provided me with an opportunity to learn and grow my blog even further.

I am very happy to say that Simplify Plants has been featured in several large publications like Brightside, Real Homes, Homes and Gardens, Lifehacker, Livingetc, Ctpost, Balconygardenweb, Womansworld, Housedigest, and Many More.

We would like to thank all our readers and subscribers for being a part of such a wonderful journey.

Let us grow even further and spread the joy of keeping plants with more and more people. Let us make this world a beautiful place to live in!