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How Much Light Do Jade Plants Need? (+Ideal Conditions)

Light is necessary for plants to grow and stay healthy. Jade plant growers must know their light needs to keep them growing. Sunlight is required for jade plants to develop and maintain their shiny leaves.

The leaves of jade plants tend to turn yellow, brown, or may drop due to a lack of sufficient light. On the other hand, too much light can cause them to sunburn. But how much light do jade plants need? Let’s find out!

Jade plants are sun-loving plants that need at least 4 hours of sunlight daily. The young plants do well in indirect light, whereas big established plants can take more direct sunlight. Western and southern windows are a good choice for keeping your jade plants. 

We understand you have several doubts and queries regarding which lighting is best for your jade plants. Therefore, we have covered everything relevant to this topic.

Let’s read further to go in-depth about the light requirements of jade plants.

Jade plant 6

I have done my best to address all of your concerns in the article below. However, if you still have any questions or are confused about the article, you can receive personalized one-on-one assistance from me by leaving a comment below. I will respond to your comment within a few hours.

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Importance of good lighting for the jade plant

Light is a fundamental necessity and ultimate energy source for any living being to grow, and plants also need it to develop.

Sunlight is essential for jade plants to photosynthesize, which converts oxygen, water, and light into energy which plants require to live and carry its functions.

Jade plants need a lot of light to flourish, and if given direct light for some hours, they will look their best. Conversely, lack of light can lead to leggy jade plants.

It may become hard for growers to provide indirect and direct light to their jade plants, but you can always keep them in indirect light, and they will still persist.

Some dose of indirect and direct light is the key to your jade plant’s good health and faster growth.

What kind of light do jade plants need?

Jade plant 3

The Jade plant is a light-loving plant, and the better the lighting, the better their growth will be. They are native to South Africa and like plenty of light.

Jade plants are versatile to various lighting conditions, but sudden shifts in different lighting can affect their growth and health.

It would be best if you kept your jade plants in a bright spot so that you can stay stress-free regarding their lighting needs. However, there are few points you need to acknowledge to choose the spot for them.

Exposure to Sun

Jade plant growers must learn one thing about their jade plant: they are light-loving plants. So please give them a spot where they can get light the entire day and direct light(not intense) for about 4 hours.

Jade plants can be kept in a brightly illuminated spot, such as in a south or west-facing window. In a south-facing window, they will get the light for a longer duration.

Jade plants like the direct sun, but it should not be too strong as it can scorch their leaves. 

East facing window is also a good substitute for your jade plants. They will get direct morning sun exposure in this spot and late afternoon sun, which is not too intense.

However, during winter keeping your jade plant in an east-facing window will not be enough as the light is very weak.

If you cannot find such a spot for your jade plant with natural bright light, especially in winters, then you can supplement it with unnatural grow lights.

The direction of the sun

Lighting requirement

The sun’s direction for the jade plant is critical in deciding the right spot for them, and knowing the direction that the house faces will help in concluding the right spot for the jade plant.

East-facing window: East-facing window gets ample morning light and late afternoon sun for a few hours, which is not harsh.

West-facing window: West-facing window gets harsh afternoon sun which can be harsh for the leaves of the jade plant.

South-facing window: South-facing windows get light throughout the day, which proves ideal for your jade plant.

North-facing window: North facing window will get some light but not enough for your jade plant to grow.

Always keep your jade plant away from windows getting long hours of intense direct light. You can also use sheer curtains to limit its intensity.

We concluded that a south-facing window is an ideal spot for your jade plant with all this information.

Be consistent

Jade plants are sturdy plants, and some enthusiasts considering this keep changing their locations in different light conditions. 

Jade plants with frequent shifting can be stressed. Consistency is the key to keep your jade plants healthy.

A sudden increase in light from low light conditions can burn your jade plant’s leaves or lead to unattractive brown spots. This will primarily affect the growth of young jade plants.

They need to be kept in one spot where they can get enough indirect bright light, and some direct light will be cherry on the cake for your jade plants.                        

If you wish to move your jade plant, move them gradually to give them time to acclimate to new lighting conditions.

Can jade plants live in low light?

Jade plant 2

Jade plants are adaptable and sturdy plants, and they can sustain in low light too. But expecting your jade plant to thrive in low light conditions will be wrong on your part.

If the lighting is very poor, then your jade plant will become leggy and less vigorous. They can even get stunted if kept in such conditions consistently. Therefore, I advise keeping them in a brightly lit spot.

The Jade plant is not getting enough light.

If your jade plant is not getting enough light, it should be moved to better lighting conditions. Preferably transferring them in the south-facing window will give them life.

If you don’t have a south-facing window, you need to keep them in the sunniest spot in your house and never overwater them.

Another way you can provide enough light to your jade plant regardless of lighting conditions in your house, you can opt for artificial lighting to help them grow.

Signs your jade plant is not getting enough light

Low lighting condition can lead to several issues in the jade plant, such as:

Yellow leaves

Yellow leaves are signs of low light in jade plants; this is primarily due to a lack of nutrients in the entire plant. You can correct it by putting them in bright light conditions.

Leaves that point towards the light source

A healthy jade plant will be bright and relaxed. However, if your jade plant aims towards the light source, then the reason could be low light.

Thin and floppy leaves

When a jade plant is young, they have thin foliage and grow thick when growing old. If your grown-up jade plants have thin and floppy leaves, then low light is a potential reason for this.

It is crucial to provide sufficient light to your jade plants to produce them healthy and strong from the beginning.

Slow and leggy growth

Slow growth is not the initial stage, but it indicates that your jade plant has not been getting enough light for a long time. As a result, they don’t have ample energy to grow.

Leggy growth directly indicates low light or poor light, the stems become thin, and leaves are lesser.

These are clear signs of poor light and warning to take relevant actions to fix the issue immediately.

What to do if the jade plant is not getting enough light?

Jade plant Artificial lighting

When jade plants do not receive enough light, you need to fix it with proper care. In addition, you need to give extra attention to your jade plant to revive them for good health and better growth. 

Let’s find out what are the major steps you need to take for jade plants with insufficient lighting:

Use grow lights

Grow lights are an artificial source of light that can supplement the natural lighting source. They attempt to provide your plant with extra lighting as a substitute for the sun.

Grow light can be helpful in the winter months as the sun is weak during this time or if your house doesn’t get enough light.

You just need to keep them near your plants and switch them on. Then, even if your plant is grieving due to low light conditions, grow lights can help them with sufficient lighting.

Adaptable plants

Jade plants are tough and adaptable, but moving them frequently can stress them. Let them stay in one spot and adapt to the conditions. They will thrive and never complain.

Do not move them again and again. If you rotate them every few days, it can stress them. Instead, rotate them a little each month so that it gets adequate light in all directions.

Let your jade plant adjust to its surroundings. If you wish to move them, move them slowly and not at one go.   


Watering right is very important for your jade plant to grow. However, it also depends on the lighting they are getting.

If your jade plant is kept in low lighting, it will need water less frequently. However, if they are kept in bright light, they will water infrequent periods.  

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If you keep your jade plant in low light conditions, then you need to give them adequate food. In addition, they need fertilizing in the right amount at the right time.

If the lighting conditions are good, then fertilize them throughout the growing season with a well-balanced fertilizer, and for young plants, fertilizer with less nitrogen is ideal.

My jade plant got sunburned

Jade plant 8

Jade plants like bright light and can even stay up in direct sunlight. But the leaves can get sunburn if the light is intense.

Direct light, especially the afternoon intense sun, can harm them. For example, the leaves can develop brown spots, or the leaves can turn yellow due to too much light.

To get away with this, you need to prune the sunburnt leaves. Use sharp, sterilized scissors to prune them.

Move them to a new spot with bright indirect sun and should be protected from harsh sun rays. You can use a sheer curtain for sunny windows or keep your jade plant a few feet away from such a window.

Final Words

Caring For Your Jade Plant | The Plant Doctor | Apartment Therapy

Jade plant lovers must never forget that they love light. But the right light is also essential to keep them happy.

Bright indirect light and some hours of direct light will keep your jade plants growing. Also, You must avoid intense direct light as it can burn the leaves.

A south-facing window is ideal for keeping your jade plants but if the sun is too intense, then use sheer curtains to filter the light.

In the winter months, use artificial light sources to supplement light for your jade plants. East-facing windows are also a good option for your jade plants as they will receive morning and afternoon sun.

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