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How Much Light Does String Of Pearls Need?

Light is an essential factor that affects the growth and health of plants. Light helps the plants in photosynthesis and is a source of energy for the plants.

Dry leaves, slow growth, legginess, and scorched leaves are some of the problems that you will notice in your string of pearls if it is getting improper light. But how can you determine if the lighting provided is appropriate for your string of pearls? How much light does a string of pearls need?

The string of pearls needs 6-8 hours of indirect sunlight. The morning’s soft and direct rays are suitable for these succulents, but harsh afternoon sunlight can scorch their leaves. You can keep the plant under the morning sun but bring it under shade when the sunlight gets intense in the afternoon.

We are going to understand the light requirements of the string of pearls in-depth in this article.


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Importance of good lighting in a string of pearls

Light is the source of energy that allows the plants to perform the basic needs such as photosynthesis to get the energy they need. It helps them grow and produce seeds.

The right amount of light affects the health of the plant in many ways. When the string of pearls gets proper light, you will notice fast growth and fewer problems in it.

Understanding the light requirements of the string of pearls can be daunting initially, but this article will help if you are a beginner with this succulent.

What kind of light does string of pearls need?

Strings of pearls (Curio rowleyanus) are native to the dry regions of southwest Africa, where they often take the shade of other plants to save themselves from harsh sunlight.

These succulents need a bright environment to thrive. When you have an indoor string of pearls, you can keep it under the morning sun when the light is soft and pleasant.

However, you have to bring the plant under shade or use sheer curtains to guard it against the sunlight as it gets harsh in the afternoon.

Exposure to sun


The string of pearls needs six to eight hours of light regularly. Place the plant in the brightest area of your house that gets ample sunlight throughout the day.

These succulents don’t enjoy harsh afternoon sunlight and can get burnt if exposed. So you should keep them away from any spot that gets afternoon sunlight.

If your house has a south-facing window, you should consider placing the string of pearls over there as it will get a longer duration of light than any other direction.

You can place the plant in front of an east-facing window in the morning. When the sun moves away from the east, please put it in front of a south-facing window.

If your house doesn’t get enough sunlight, you will need to get artificial lights to provide sufficient light to your string of pearls.

The direction of the sun

The direction from where your house receives the sunlight and the direction of your home will help determine the amount of light your windows will get.

An east-facing window will give the plant direct and soft morning sunlight but, it will fail to provide six to eight hours of consistent light.

A west-facing window will expose the plant to the harsh afternoon sunlight that will burn the plant. And a north-facing window will get the least amount of light unless you live in the southern part of the United States.

After considering the overall requirements, it would be best to place the string of pearls near a south-facing window to provide adequate light throughout the day.

Make sure to place the plant five inches to ten inches away from the window if it gets direct sunlight, or else the plant will get scorched.

Can string of pearls grow in low light?


A thriving string of pearls needs indirect bright light, but it can make an excellent low-light plant as well.

If your house doesn’t have a window that gets enough light or your home doesn’t get sufficient light, your string of pearls will still survive.

However, low light conditions will not give the optimum growth, and you can face issues such as slow growth when the string of plants is in low light conditions.

Can string of pearls get sunburned?

The string of pearls loves bright and indirect sunlight. But the afternoon sun can be too harsh for this succulent.

Direct sunlight and too much light can cause issues such as brown and shriveled strings of pearls.

It happens because the string of pearls gets sunburnt due to the harsh rays of the scorching sun.

Consider placing the plant in an area where it does not get direct harsh sunlight. If the plant is outdoors, move it to a shade.

If you want to place the plant near a window, you need to put it a few inches away from it to protect it from the harsh sunlight. You can also use blinds or curtains to filter the light.

If you have a sunburnt string of pearls, consider pruning the areas that have turned brown or shriveled.

String of pearls not getting enough light


If you place your string of pearls near a south-facing window, it will get sufficient light throughout the day.

But if you don’t have a south-facing window and your plant is placed at a spot where it doesn’t get enough light, it will start developing problems.

It would be best to find a spot in your house that gets bright indirect sunlight and avoids watering the plant.

You can use artificial light, also called grow light, that can work as a supplement for natural light.

However, the plant will start showing signs of problems if you cannot figure out that the plant is not getting sufficient light.

How do I know if my string of pearls is not getting enough light?

Insufficient light gives rise to many problems in plants. If you notice any of the following matters in your string of pearls, there are chances that your plant is not getting sufficient light.

Leggy and slow growth

A healthy string of pearls should look full, but it will grow leggy and weak if the plant is not getting enough light.

Insufficient light will also slow down the growth of the plant. The string of pearls needs six to eight hours of bright indirect light, and without that, the plant can not grow to its optimum level.

Wet soil

Insufficient light can lead to wet soil. If the plant doesn’t get enough light, it creates a damp environment where the soil remains wet for long. 

Wet soil can lead to the same problems that are caused due to overwatering, such as root rot or pest infestation.

Root rot

Root rot causes the roots of the plant to become brown and mushy and start rotting. It usually happens when you overwater a plant or don’t give it sufficient light.

Root rot is a severe problem that can eventually kill plants. You need to eliminate the damaged parts and repot the plant with a fresh soil mix to combat this problem.

In case of any such sign, you need to place your plant in a bright spot. Let the plant remain there for some weeks so that it can soak some light and recover.

What to do if the string of pearls is not getting enough light?

If your house doesn’t get sufficient light, you can use some ways to combat the low light conditions. 

Use artificial light

Using artificial light is the easiest way to combat low light problems. Artificial lights provide light and energy to the plants.

Artificial lights are run by electricity, so you need to place them near your plant and turn on the lights.

Besides providing extra light to your plants, these lights help the plants during the cold months when the light and temperature conditions remain low.

Reduce watering

In a low-light area, the soil takes to gets dry. Therefore, you should reduce the watering of the string of pearls, or else the soil will remain wet for too long, and that, in turn, will cause root rot.


Fertilizers are essential as they provide nutrients to the soil. You must give sufficient fertilizers to your string of pearls so that they get the nutrition they need.

If you fertilize the string of pearls at least once a month, it will help the plant to survive in low-light conditions.

Final Words

The string of pearls thrives in a mix of direct and indirect sunlight. It needs a total of six to eight hours of light regularly. This succulent enjoys the direct morning soft sunlight, but the harsh afternoon sunlight can scorch it.

Place your string of pearls near a south-facing window where it will get sufficient light throughout the day. You can place the plant near an east-facing window for the morning direct sunlight and then move it to a place where it gets indirect light.

In low light conditions or during the winter season, you can use artificial lights.

Ref: Wikipedia, Missouri Botanical Garden, University of Wisconsin.

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