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Where To Keep Peperomia? (Ideal Placement+Tips)

Peperomia is a low-maintenance houseplant that can thrive and add life to your living space, but there is one condition. It would be best to keep your peperomia at the right spot to get all the correct living conditions to help it thrive. But what would be an ideal spot for your peperomia? Where should you keep them? Let’s find out!

A west-facing or east-facing window with sheer curtains will be the ideal spot for your peperomia as it will get sufficient indirect light and temperature of 65-80°F. Keep them in the corner, near the window, over any shelf, or beside your lamp ensuring bright light with low intensity.

If your peperomia is not placed at the correct spot, it will develop root rot, pest infestations, fungal diseases, droopy leaves, etc.

This article will help you find the ideal spot where you can keep your peperomia and see it healthy and thriving. Let’s take a look at all the factors that can affect your peperomia.

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Factors determining the placement of peperomia

Peperomia is a slow-growing plant that remains compact. This makes it an ideal houseplant. You might be thinking of keeping your peperomia in your bedroom and wondering if the plant can thrive there.

Your peperomia will thrive anywhere in the house as long as it gets the right living conditions. Proper light, the right humidity level, and the correct temperature will help your peperomia thrive even in the bedroom. 

Mimicking the natural habitat and trying to give it the same living conditions can go a long way in keeping your plant happy.

Now let’s discuss all the factors in detail.

How much light does peperomia need?

Peperomia requires medium to bright indirect light to thrive and grow. Although peperomia can survive in low light conditions, it would be best to give as much light as possible so that the plant can photosynthesize more and grow more.

Peperomia comes from the Amazon region of South America, where they get sufficient light for their growth. But there is one thing to remember; peperomia doesn’t like direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight is too intense for your peperomia and can scorch the leaves that will not recover again. So, it would help if you made sure that the peperomia gets enough indirect light but is kept away from direct sunlight.

If you don’t understand the difference between direct and indirect light, we can help you understand. First, put your hand between your peperomia plant and the sunlight. If you can feel the warmth of the sunlight on your skin and notice a clear shadow, your peperomia is getting direct sunlight.

On the contrary, if you don’t feel the warmth of the sunlight on your hand and the shadow is not clear, your peperomia is getting indirect light which is ideal for it.

For the former, you can move the plant away from the window and place it a bit further to get indirect sunlight and stay protected from direct sunlight.

You must not place your peperomia right on the window sill as that is where it will get direct sunlight. Try to keep it a few feet away from the window so that it receives adequate indirect light.

Don’t place your peperomia in a place where the light is scarcely visible. It is a low-light zone that won’t support the growth of the plant.

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Humidity requirements of peperomia

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Peperomia comes from tropical forests where the humidity remains high. High humidity levels help the leaves retain moisture, but the leaves become brown and crispy if the humidity drops.

In the households, peperomia does well in humidity levels between 40-50%.

The humidity levels vary depending on the different rooms in your house. If you want to increase the humidity for your peperomia, your kitchen, bathroom, or basement might be good options. These rooms have higher humidity levels than the rest of the rooms in your house.

If you do not know the humidity levels of your room, you can purchase a hygrometer that will help you check the humidity levels of your room.

A hygrometer is a small portable device that tells you the temperature and humidity levels of your room. Having one can be very helpful as you will know if your peperomia or other houseplants are getting the right temperature and humidity or not.

If the humidity is below 40-50%, you can take your plant to the bathroom, basement, or kitchen only if all the other living conditions match.

Or you can increase the humidity level using any of these methods.

  • Mist your peperomia
  • Place the plant on a pebble tray
  • Use a humidifier
  • Group it with other moisture-loving plants

Using a humidifier is the easiest and most convenient way of increasing the humidity for your peperomia and other houseplants.

You can opt for a high-end humidifier that will allow you to set the humidity level as per your requirement.

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The ideal temperature for peperomia

Temperature is as important as light and humidity while determining the ideal spot for your peperomia.

Peperomia prefers a temperature between 60-75°F during the day and not below 55°F at night.

The spot you select for your peperomia must not be prone to temperature fluctuations, which can be very stressful for your plant.

During winter, peperomia might face challenges as the temperatures might drop below the average range of temperatures.

Your peperomia can even die if the temperature drops below 50°F, so you can place the plant near a furnace to keep it warm.

However, don’t keep the peperomia too close to the furnace as the heat can burn its leaves. Keep it at least a few feet away from the furnace to keep it safe.

Things to keep in mind while finding a place for your peperomia

Many spots are there for your peperomia in your house, but finding the best one will keep your plant happy and healthy.

Let’s look at some common spots and understand if that would be ideal for your peperomia.

Near a window

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Your peperomia will require a great deal of light for its growth which is why a light-filled window will be a good option for your peperomia.

While placing the peperomia near a window, you must check if the window is getting both direct and indirect light. 

If you keep the peperomia too close to the window, it will get direct sunlight that will not be the best for the plant. You will notice issues like drooping leaves, scorched leaves, etc.

Therefore, you must keep the plant a few feet away from the window.

One more thing to remember is when the weather remains hot during the summer season, keeping the plant a few inches away will save the plant from the intense heat of the sun and the hot drafts.

Keeping your peperomia away from the window during winter will save it from the low temperatures, frost, and cold drafts. If you don’t keep the plant away from the window, the leaves will become weak and droopy due to the harsh conditions, and you will notice other problems in your plant.

Near a fireplace

We think of keeping our plants near the fireplace, mainly during winter when the temperatures fall below average.

But keeping your peperomia too close to the fireplace is a bad idea. The heat of the fireplace will burn the leaves and make them brown. Other than that, the soil and roots can also dry out, making your plant dehydrated and weak.

You can use the heat coming out of the fireplace for the benefit of your peperomia, but you must place the plant 4 or 5 feet away. This will provide some warmth to your peperomia without harming the leaves or the plant.

Keep your peperomia away from pets

Although peperomia is considered a non-toxic plant for pets like cats and dogs, you must still keep it away from them.

All parts of peperomia are considered non-toxic, but there are many species of peperomia plants, and you might get one uncommon, toxic species.

But mostly, these are non-toxic. The reason behind keeping it away from pets is that your pets can end up consuming a large amount of the plant that can make them sick.

Since peperomia is not a part of your pet’s usual diet, it can make them sick even without being toxic.

Find a spot for your peperomia that is not accessible for your pet. You can use hanging baskets or place the plant on a high shelf to keep the plant and your pets safe.

Keep your peperomia away from children

Children are curious and innocent and will get attracted to the peperomia plant due to its attractive foliage.

Although considered non-toxic, consuming peperomia in large amounts can also cause skin or oral irritation to your children.

The plant can also get stressed due to being mishandled by the children. So you must not keep the peperomia in a spot where your children can reach the plant.

Peperomia in bedroom

Peperomia 11

Peperomia is a compact houseplant that doesn’t grow aggressively, so it is a good fit in your bedroom. However, you must consider some points before you keep your peperomia in the bedroom.

  • Keep the peperomia near a window or a spot where it will get sufficient indirect light.
  • Peperomia prefers warm temperatures, so you must try to maintain the correct temperatures in the room.
  • Do not let the direct cold air of the AC hit the peperomia as that will make the plant dry.
  • You can place the peperomia on a side table or a corner of the bedroom that gets sufficient light, temperature, and humidity.

Peperomia in the bathroom

Just like in the bedroom, peperomia’s compact size makes it a perfect fit in the bathroom also.

A bathroom is an excellent option for plants that prefer high humidity. Peperomia prefers moderate humidity levels, and the moisture coming out of the sink and showers help to increase the humidity for your plants.

However, you must make sure that the peperomia is not getting wet from all the water.

Find a spot where the peperomia won’t get splashes of water and water it after allowing the soil to dry.

If you keep the plant wet, there will be different problems like droopy leaves, fungal infections, root rot, etc.

Tips on the placement of peperomia plants

Let’s look at the tips mentioned below to help you find an ideal spot for your peperomia.

  1. Keep your peperomia near an east or west-facing window.
  2. Provide bright indirect sunlight and keep the peperomia away from direct sunlight.
  3. Mist the plant or use a humidifier if the humidity levels drop below moderate.
  4. Place the peperomia at least a few feet away from the fireplace to increase the temperature during the colder months or if you live in a cold region.
  5. Keep your peperomia away from the cold air of the AC, hot drafts in summer, and cold drafts and frost in winter.

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