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Where To Put Pothos Plant? (Best Spot+Things To Know)

Have you ever wondered where the best spot is to place your pothos plant? In this blog, we will discuss the ideal locations for your pothos and how to find the perfect spot in your home.

Pothos enjoy bright, indirect sunlight, high humidity, and warm temperatures. Ideal spots include bright windows, well-lit rooms, and warm and humid spaces. Feng shui suggests the tops of cupboards, empty corners, and southeastern directions to be the best spots. 

Several factors determine the best spot. This guide will share the environment Pothos enjoys, the factors to consider while selecting a spot, and some specific spots for Pothos in your house. 

Pothos plant placement in living room

I have done my best to address all of your concerns in the article below. However, if you still have any questions or are confused about the article, you can receive personalized one-on-one assistance from me by leaving a comment below. I will respond to your comment within a few hours.

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Ideal environment for Pothos: Environmental factors to consider while placing your Pothos

Whenever someone asks me about ideal spots for Pothos, I suggest learning the ideal environment Pothos enjoys before deciding on the spot. 

After grasping the ideal conditions for Pothos, you can identify suitable spots for the plant. 

Temperature conditions and humidity level  

Pothos are tropical plants and prefer warm, humid climates. They stay happy when the temperature ranges between 60-85°F with high humidity levels. 

If your house is on the cooler side, find an ideal spot near some heat source, such as a radiator or an air vent. 

The temperature around the Pothos plant has to be warm, neither too hot nor too cold

Even if you place your plant near the air vent or radiator, you must maintain proper distance between the two. At least 10-12 feet of distance should be maintained. 

On the other hand, if you are on the warmer side, find a place shaded from direct sunlight. 

If you have any window that receives good dappled sunlight, keep your plant near it. Maintain a 2-3 feet distance from the window to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. 

As for the humidity, Pothos needs around 50-70% humidity levels. In that case, find a humid area that receives indirect sunlight

A bathroom or kitchen can be an ideal spot. If your house doesn’t have good humidity, invest in a humidifier

Light conditions 

Pothos will also enjoy staying under bright indirect sunlight for 10-12 hours. Even 8 hours is fine.  

Therefore, search for a place that receives enough indirect sunlight. 

For example, an east or northeast-facing window might provide enough sunlight. 

If you don’t have such locations, but areas that receive too much sunlight, filter the light by putting up sheer curtains or Venetian blinds. 

Other factors to consider before deciding the best spot for Pothos 

Pothos plant

Besides considering the environmental factors, you must consider a few more things before selecting the best spot for Pothos. 

Here are two of them: 

Safety considerations 

Pothos should be placed where it stays out of the reach of your pets and children. 

Pothos contain a compound called oxalate crystals that are slightly toxic when ingested. 

Besides, the plant will get damaged if munched on. 

Therefore, make sure to keep it away from pets and children. 

Ensuring good airflow is essential for good oxygen and preventing pests and diseases.

Avoid windows and doors receiving cold or hot drafts and areas close to air vents, generators, and fireplaces. 

Pothos plant and Feng shui 

Feng Shui is equally vital when finding the best spot for Pothos plants. 

Pothos plants are not native to Asia but have become a renowned feng shui plant.  

Pothos plants are well-associated with positive energy, thriving in optimal conditions. 

Pothos also negative energy from your house, and spread positive energy around your house. 

According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, Pothos plants can purify breathing by absorbing benzene, toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde. 

This feature of the Pothos reinforces the belief that it can remove negative energy from the house. 

Besides these, Pothos is also known to represent abundance and prosperity in feng shui. 

The vines of the Pothos plant are linked with good luck and financial success. 

Pothos plants are also called Money plants in some areas of Southern Asia and the Indian subcontinent. 

Negative energy mostly lingers around the tops of the cupboards and empty and unused corners. 

Keeping Pothos in these areas can help remove the negative energy and boost positive energy. 

Feng shui uses a Bagua map to divide the entire house into different energies. 

Feng shui concentrates on the energy currents flowing through and around your house. 

Adapting these features allows you to channel the desired energy. 

Pothos plants contribute by bringing positive energy into your home. 

Room-specific Placement for the Pothos plant 

Sometimes, despite learning about the factors, people do not understand which locations should be correct for Pothos. 

Along with bringing positivity and prosperity, the location must also provide Pothos with the correct environmental needs like suitable temperature, humidity, and sunlight. 

Even if gardeners understand the factors, they must put extra effort into discovering the ideal spot for the Pothos plants. 

I get several messages and emails where readers want me to share specific spots for these plants. 

To help you out, I have listed out some suitable locations for the Pothos plant after some research, experiments, and personal experience:

Near the windows 

Pothos plant sunlight

If you want to place your Pothos plant near a window for ideal sunlight, there are a few options. 

However, some windows provide the maximum sunlight, and some give the least natural light. 

Let’s learn about these directions to understand which one works better for Pothos: 

South-facing window 

In my region, the southern directions provide the maximum but consistent sunlight. 

The scorching sunlight throughout the day can burn the Pothos leaves if the plant stays in this direction too long. 

You can still keep it. Put up sheer curtains or Venetian blinds to filter the sunlight. 

Another alternative is to put your plant 8-9 feet away from the window. 

This way, the Pothos will receive partial bright light, neither too direct nor too low. 

West-facing window 

This direction provides good sunlight in the daytime but the strongest at noon and afternoons. 

Your plant may stay fine the entire morning but will begin to suffer and have sunburns from noon. 

Here also, you can put up filters from noon or move your plant 8-9 ft. away from the window. 

East-facing window 

This direction is one of the best spots for Pothos and many other houseplants that enjoy bright, indirect sunlight. 

In this direction, your Pothos will receive direct sunlight in the morning. 

Fortunately, the intensity is perfect and stays like that throughout the day. 

The morning sun is gentle and won’t scorch or burn the leaves. 

Keeping your plant 2-3 ft. away from the window would be fine. 

North-facing window 

This direction receives the least amount of sunlight. 

However, you can safely hang your Pothos plant near the doors and windows in this direction.

Don’t worry; the direction will not provide complete shade to your plant. 

Alternatively, you can use artificial lights, like fluorescent or LED lights, to adjust to the low light conditions.

Bedroom placement  

As I said earlier, Pothos can purify the air we breathe. 

Along with removing impurities from the air, it can pull out carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen. 

Hence, keeping it in your bedroom will allow you to breathe pure air while having a safe and sound sleep throughout the night. 

The heart-shaped leaves of Pothos plants can brighten any space in your home, making the bedroom an ideal location.   

Every morning, you can enjoy its sights and greenery. 

Bedrooms provide low light, and Pothos plants can tolerate low light conditions. So, it won’t be an issue. 

Bathrooms for humidity and decorations  

Pothos in bathroom

Pothos plants enjoy around 50-70% humidity with bright indirect sunlight. 

Bathrooms can provide adequate humidity. 

Besides, some bathrooms are well-lit by natural light due to their positions. 

Bright, dappled sunlight will enter through the windows. 

Place your Pothos on the bathroom counter. 

You can train your plant to climb and grow around the mirror or hang somewhere for some decoration. 

It can add greenery and the center of attraction in your washroom. 

Placing the Pothos in the bathroom can also reduce the need for regular watering. 

The high humidity and water splashes from the shower will keep the soil moist for prolonged periods. 

Ensure good airflow so that the humidity doesn’t rise too high. 

That can give rise to other issues. 

Along with that, keep the soil moisture in check. 

Maintain a 10-12 ft. distance between your plant and the shower to avoid overwatering

Living rooms, study rooms, dine-in areas, or other common areas 

Most people spend much time in shared spaces like living rooms or drawing rooms. 

You can hang Pothos or keep it over a table to add greenery. 

The plant will attract every eye in or passing through these rooms. 

Even study rooms are ideal. 

If you spend most of your time working or reading in study rooms, you can have a peaceful time doing your work. 

Pothos adds positivity to your surroundings and helps cultivate a thriving working or reading environment. 

Besides, you can breathe pure air while in these shared or study rooms. 

Unused corners, empty spaces, and above cabinets 

Unused corners, empty spaces, and areas above the cabinets and cupboards are believed to be harmful feng shui zones. 

These corners can bring negative energy to your house. 

Keeping Pothos in these areas can pull out the negative energy and spread positive energy to your house. 

With adding positivity, it will also bring good luck, financial success, and prosperity. 

Feng shui directions 

In Feng Shui, the Bagua Map divides your house into nine zones, each with specific significance for different elements of your life. 

According to feng shui, the east or southeast corner of the house is linked with wealth and health. 

East represents family and health, and the southeast represents wealth and good luck. 

Pothos in these spots can encourage positivity, good family relations, health, and wealth. 

Away from the reach of pets and children 

Finally, the location must be somewhere away from pets and children to avoid accidental consumption. 

Pothos are slightly toxic when ingested. 

It contains a toxic compound called oxalate crystals that causes stomach upset and skin irritation. 

You can grow the plant in hanging baskets or places your pets or children can’t reach or don’t usually visit. 

Finally, you can train them not to eat or go close to them. 

Final thoughts 

Pothos are easy to grow and low-maintenance plants. Placing it in the right place is essential as it will keep the plant happy and improve your house’s positivity and air quality. Keep your Pothos in a room containing warm temperatures, 50-70% humidity, and bright indirect or partial sunlight. 

At the same time, consider the feng shui facts in mind. To improve your house’s positivity, empty spaces and the tops of cabinets are ideal for Pothos in east or southeast directions. Also, bedrooms, bathrooms, shared spaces, study rooms, and near windows with bright sunlight are ideal. 

While positioning your plant, please keep it away from pets and children, maintain good airflow, and avoid areas close to air vents and fireplaces. Take good care of your plant, and it will thrive life long. 

How far away should I put my Pothos from the window?

It depends on the sunlight intensity. If it provides direct sunlight, keep it 8-9 feet away. But with indirect bright light, you can keep the plant only 2-3 feet away.

Where should I not put my Pothos plant?

Avoid shady spots, near fireplaces, drafty areas, extreme temperature rooms, and areas where pets and children play. According to feng shui, south, west, and northwest areas should be avoided.

Can I keep my Pothos in the kitchen?

While a well-lit area on the kitchen counter or table can be ideal for good humidity, you must avoid it because of fire, stoves, and ovens.

Reference: Pothos Wikipedia

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