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Can Money Trees Be Outside? Check Outdoor Compatibility In Your Region!

Considering moving your money tree outdoors? Wondering if it can thrive there? Let’s explore.

Money trees can flourish outside if you reside in USDA zones 10 through 12; otherwise, they’re better off indoors. For other zones, they can be outside during summer but should be brought in if temperatures fall below 50°F. Keep them shaded for optimal growth.

Factors like watering routine, positioning, and the season greatly impact a money tree’s outdoor growth.

In this article, we’ll delve into these aspects, aiding your decision on whether an outdoor setting suits your money tree.

Money tree (Pachira Aquatica) outdoor

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Can a money tree live outside?

Money trees can thrive outside if they get the ideal living conditions. The care routine of the money tree outside will vary from the indoor care.

The factors that will play significant roles in the growth of your money tree can be sunlight, humidity, temperature, and wind. If all these match the requirements of the money tree, you can grow it outside.

If you live in the southern part of the United States(USDA zones 10 through 12), the money tree might get all the required conditions when grown outside. However, the conditions might not favor the money tree if you live in the eastern, northern, or midwestern parts of the United States.

Check the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map here.

Let’s understand all the factors your money tree requires to grow outside.

Factors that affect the growth of money trees outside

When planting your money tree outside, you should keep the following conditions in mind.

You should keep a check on these factors and ensure that they match the plant’s requirements; otherwise, it can have adverse effects.

These factors are: 

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Watering
  • Light
  • Wind

1) Temperature and humidity requirements to keep money tree outdoors

Temperature is an essential factor for the health of your money tree. Money tree enjoys warm temperatures in its natural habitat.

If you want your money tree to survive outside, it will need temperatures that range between 65-80°F.

Sudden temperature changes can affect the health of your money tree. So you should check on your plant whenever the weather is bad or during season changes.

The money tree requires medium to high humidity levels of at least 50%. It doesn’t enjoy low humidity levels.

If you plant your money tree outside, even when the temperature and humidity conditions are not ideal, you will notice various problems, and your plant will suffer.

What temperature can a money tree tolerate?

Money trees thrive in temperature levels around 72°F. However, they can survive in temperatures between 65-80°F.

Although money trees can tolerate short cold spells, the plant will suffer or get stressed if such conditions persist for too long.

When growing it indoors, you must place your money tree away from cold drafts.

Can a money tree survive winter outside?

As mentioned earlier, money trees can tolerate short periods of cold and harsh weather conditions. But the plant will not do well in winter.

In winter, the money tree will experience an extended period of cold temperatures that can stress the plant. Since money trees are tropical plants, they won’t do very well outside in winter.

2) Watering requirement for an outdoor money tree

Money tree (Pachira Aquatica) leaning

When you are planting a money tree outside, it will require more water than a plant growing inside. 

When you are growing a money tree inside the house, it gets controlled cultural conditions and requires less watering. 

On the other hand, a money tree grown outside, especially during the summer months, will get exposed to more heat and light, leading to quicker water evaporation. Therefore, the money tree will need more water.

Always check the soil before watering the money tree. You can stick your index finger in the soil; if it feels damp, the plant does not require water. But if the soil feels dry, you can water your money tree.

How often should I water my money tree outside?

There is no fixed routine for watering your money tree. It will depend on the region where you live.

The best way to understand if your money tree requires water is by scratching the soil’s surface. If the soil feels moist, you should refrain from watering the plant.

The money tree likes to be watered when the soil is dry. You should follow this to avoid overwatering or root rot.

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3) Light needs of an outside money tree

Light is a vital factor that determines the growth of plants. The money tree requires a lot of light, and you should find a proper spot to plant it outside.

A spot where the money tree gets direct morning sunlight and indirect sunlight throughout the day is ideal.

The money tree does not require long hours of direct sunlight as it is too harsh for the plant.

You can place your money tree under a shade when planting it outside to protect it from direct, harsh sunlight.

Can the money tree be in direct sunlight?

The money tree grows well in partial shade in its native land, so it would be best to provide a similar environment if you want it to thrive.

The money tree can be kept under direct sunlight in certain conditions. 

  • You can expose the money tree only to the soft morning sunlight.
  • The money tree should not be exposed to harsh sunlight in the afternoon.
  • Giving the money tree 3 to 4 hours of soft, direct sunlight is sufficient.
  • You should ensure the plant is under shade when the light gets intense.

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4) Impact of Wind on money tree kept outside.

Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) holes in the leaves

Money trees do not enjoy too much wind. Therefore, if you live in a windy region, it can damage the leaves of your money tree if you plant it outside.

Find a spot where the money tree will not get exposed to winds and drafts. The money trees neither enjoy cold wind nor warm wind.

Dry wind can damage the plant. You can put a bag around the plant on such days to protect it.

Where can I put my money tree outside?

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is light. The money tree enjoys bright and indirect light, so you need to find a spot where it neither gets direct light nor low light.

If the money plant gets too much direct light, the leaves will burn and get discolored. If it gets low light, the plant will become leggy.

You can plant the money tree in a shaded area where it gets indirect sunlight throughout the day.

How do we move the indoor money tree outdoors?

If you have an indoor money tree and are considering placing it outside, you need to take baby steps instead of doing it in one day.

The money tree was used to living in a controlled environment inside the comfort of your house, so relocating it suddenly will shock the plant.

Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) lifting pot

Here is what you must do to make your money tree comfortable.

  1. Look for a shaded area. It can be under a big tree or on your patio. Place the money tree outside for a few hours daily and bring it inside after some time.
  2. Increase the duration of placing the money tree outside slowly by a few hours every day.
  3. After following this for a week, expose your money tree to the direct morning sunlight for one or two hours. Let it remain in the shaded area for the rest of the day.
  4. Follow this for a week to let the plant adjust to the changes, and then it will be ready to stay outside the entire day.
  5. Check the plant thoroughly and look for any damage or stress in the plant. If everything seems fine, your money tree is ready to be placed outside.
  6. Avoid placing your money tree under direct sunlight and increase the watering after moving the money tree outside. If the soil is dry from the inside, consider watering the plant. You can check this by putting your finger deep inside the soil.
  7. You should keep an eye on the plant after moving it outdoors as the chances of pest infestation increase outside. You can spray neem oil every month to prevent any pest infestation on the money tree.
  8. Fertilize the money tree during the growing season so that the plant gets enough nutrition for its growth.
  9. Since money tree doesn’t enjoy cold drafts or dry wind, you need to place it in an area where it remains protected from both.

Final Words

Money trees can be placed outside in USDA hardiness zones 10-12, where the climate is warm and suitable for their growth. If the conditions don’t match the plant’s requirements, it will develop problems and get stressed.

The money tree should not be exposed to direct sunlight, cold drafts, or too much wind. All these can harm the leaves and the plant.

The care routine of the plant will differ from the indoor care routine, so you might need to increase the watering and fertilizing. Take into consideration the external factors before making a decision.

If you are moving the money tree outside from indoors, do it gradually to avoid stressing out the plant.

Reference: WIKIPEDIA.

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