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Money Tree Leaning or Falling Over? 5 Causes & Easy Fix

The money tree (Pachira Aquatica) can add life to your house with its braided trunk and green leaves. But what if the plant starts leaning towards one side? It means something is wrong. If you are facing this problem with your money tree, we are here to help. Let’s find out why your money tree is leaning and how we can fix the same.

Poor lighting, lack of nutrients, and insufficient watering are the primary causes of the leaning of a money tree. Lack of pruning can also lead to a leaning money tree. If you provide sufficient light, adequate water and fertilize them on time, it will prevent the leaning of the money tree.

Leaning is typical in all plants due to a lack of care for the plant. Therefore, you should not neglect your plant and take proper care of it to prevent Falling Over.

Let’s find out what makes the money tree lean and how to fix it.

Money tree (Pachira Aquatica) leaning

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My money tree is leaning.

We have already mentioned some reasons that cause leaning in the money tree. But there can be other reasons as well. We will look at all the reasons and discuss them in detail.

  • Lighting issues
  • Incorrect watering
  • Improper fertilization
  • Lack of pruning
  • Root-bound plant

1) Your money tree is not getting proper lighting conditions

If your money tree is leaning towards one side, it may be due to a lack of light. 

If the money tree is placed under low light conditions, it will start seeking more light and, in the process, start leaning towards the side that gets the most light. 

Even intense sunlight can cause leaning in your money tree. This happens if you place your money tree under direct and harsh sunlight, damaging the leaves and stems and weakening them.

As the money tree becomes weak, it loses the energy to hold itself and its leaves, which causes the leaves to fall off and the plant to lean.

2) You are giving your money tree too much or too little water

Overwatering is a severe problem in plants that can lead to numerous issues, including the leaning of the plant.

Understanding the plant’s water requirements can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner. This is the reason why many plant owners end up overwatering their plants out of care. 

Overwatering causes root rot that damages the roots of the plant, making it unable to absorb any water or nutrients. Thus, the plant becomes weak and starts leaning.

Although underwatering is not as damaging as overwatering, plants cannot withstand it for an extended period. An underwatered money tree becomes weak due to a lack of water and starts leaning.

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3) Your money tree is not getting proper fertilization

NPK fertilizer

Fertilization is necessary for the plants as it provides sufficient nutrition for their growth. The plants absorb nutrients from the soil, and every time you water the plant, some nutrition gets drained out of the soil along with the water. Due to this, the soil loses nutrients over a while.

If your money tree is not getting enough fertilization, there will be a lack of nutrition, leading to droopy leaves and the leaning of the plant.

Even overfertilization can be damaging to your money tree. If you think that giving the plant more fertilizer will bring more growth to it, you are entirely wrong.

When you overfertilize your money tree, it will make your plant dry and even burn the roots. All these will damage your plant and make it weak. Finally, you will have a leaning money tree.

4) You don’t prune your money tree.

All house plants require pruning to remain in shape and get rid of damaged parts occasionally. However, there will be consequences if you don’t prune your plant.

Lack of pruning will make your money tree heavy and cause uneven growth. If you don’t prune your money tree on time, it will start becoming bulky on one side, due to which it will lean and might even fall.

5) Your money tree is root-bound

A root-bound money tree that hasn’t been repotted for a long time can start drooping and leaning due to weakness.

When a plant becomes root-bound, its roots lose their ability to absorb water or nutrients, thus making the plant weak.

If you notice that the roots of your money tree are coming out of the drainage holes of its pot, you should understand that it is root-bound, and you need to repot it immediately.

How do you fix a leaning money tree?

If you want to fix a leaning money tree or prevent Falling Over, you need to take care of its basic requirements, such as lighting, watering, and fertilizing. Let’s understand these in detail.

1) Keep your money tree in a bright spot.

Money tree (Pachira Aquatica) leaning (1)

The money trees enjoy living in a bright environment with ample indirect sunlight throughout the day.

The money tree can tolerate direct sunlight during sunrise and sunset when the intensity of the light remains low. But, for the rest of the day, it requires indirect light.

You can place your money tree near an east-facing window in the morning or a west-facing window for the evening sunlight. However, if that does not suffice, you can place your money tree near a south-facing window.

While placing your money tree near a south-facing window, use a sheer curtain to filter the light so that your money tree doesn’t get hit by direct sunlight. This way, your plant will get enough sunlight and also stay protected from the harsh rays.

If your house lacks a natural light source, you can use artificial lights. There are many artificial lights available online, so you can purchase one for your money tree to provide adequate light to it.

2) Give your money tree sufficient water.

The money tree prefers infrequent watering, but you need to make sure that the watering is thorough. You can start by watering your money tree once in one or two weeks and check how your plant reacts to it.

It is important to remember that the water requirements of your money tree will differ during the winter season. Winter is the dormant period for most houseplants, and they do not require as much water because they do not remain active during this time.

You can fix a watering regime for the money tree, but water when the soil feels 50 to 70% dry. Watering mindlessly without checking the soil will lead to overwatering, which will cause many problems for your plant, including leaning.

You should also not neglect your money tree and its water requirements because it often leads to underwatering the plant.

If you don’t provide enough water to your money tree, if you become dehydrated and fail to absorb nutrients from the soil, that will make it weak and lean.

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3) Give your money tree the right amount of fertilizer at the right time

Fertilize your money tree monthly during the growing season – summer and spring. Use a well-balanced fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 10:10:10 or 20:20:20. (I prefer Jack’s classic fertilizer, which is available on Amazon)

Remember to dilute the fertilizer to half-strength so that it doesn’t harm your money tree. Check how your plant responds to it.

Avoid fertilizing the money tree during winter, as that is the dormant period when the plant remains inactive.

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4) Prune your money tree regularly.

Trimming the money tree regularly is crucial so that it doesn’t grow too large for your house.

If you keep a check on your money tree, you will notice uneven growth or damaged parts that will do no good to the plant. Therefore, pruning is necessary for better health and more growth of the money tree.

Always use sterilized pruners or scissors and make clean cuts while pruning your money tree. Also, never go overboard with pruning, as that can shock the plant.

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5) Repotting your money tree

Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) repotting

If you have a root-bound money tree, you must repot it to fix it.

Repotting is essential not only if you have a root-bound plant but also for the overall health of your money tree.

It will help if you consider repotting your money tree once every two to three years. It is best to repot your money tree e during early summer or spring to help the plants settle in before winter.

Consider watering the plant one day before you repot it. Get a container one size bigger than the previous one that has working drainage holes that let excess water pass out. You should also select good, well-draining soil for repotting your money tree.

How do I keep my money tree upright?

If you have a very long money tree, it will tend to lean. Leaning is also the reason for a weak money tree.

Houseplants are usually not as strong as plants grown outdoors and, therefore, become weak and start leaning if they don’t get enough care.

The two ways that can help you keep your money tree upright are: 

  • Prune the money tree from the top
  • Use a wooden stake to support the money tree

Encourage side growth after pruning the money tree from the top

We have already discussed the importance of pruning your money tree.

If you have a long money tree, you can clip it off from the top to reduce its length. This will prevent leaning, and your plant will remain upright more easily.

Once you clip off the extended parts of your plant, you can pinch the plant from the sides to encourage new growth. If the plant grows equally from all sides, it will remain upright.

Support your money tree with the wooden stake.

If your money tree has not grown too tall yet, and you want to ensure that it doesn’t lean in the future, you can use wooden stakes to keep your plant upright.

Use garden stakes of the same length or a bit taller than your plant’s height. Dig them deep in the pot to support your plant.

Some tips to keep your money tree healthy:

Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) Placement
  • Keep your money tree away from the window during winter to protect it from frost and cold drafts.
  • Avoid placing your money tree near the furnace or the Aircon.
  • The money trees require a lot of indirect light, so do not keep them in the low light areas.
  • Spray neem oil on your money tree every month to keep the pests away.
  • Make sure to provide the right temperature and humidity to keep your money tree healthy.

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