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Should I Mist My Money Tree? (+Ideal Humidity)

Misting is a common practice among plant enthusiasts, but when it comes to money trees(Pachira Aquatica), the decision to mist or not to mist can be a topic of debate. In this blog, we’ll explore the question, “Should I mist my money tree?” and provide valuable insights into the benefits and potential drawbacks of misting this popular houseplant.

It would be best if you didn’t mist your money tree; however, you need to find other methods to increase the humidity around your money tree. The money tree prefers humidity levels of at least 50%, which needs to be maintained. If you live in a dry area, you can try misting the money tree.

Misting can come with both pros and cons. You must consider both before you start misting your money tree. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about misting and the humidity requirements of the money tree.

Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) misting

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Do money trees like humidity?

In the tropical regions of South America and Central America, the money tree receives ample humidity. This allows them to grow up to 60 feet in their natural environment.

When the money tree is grown as a houseplant, it will not grow as big and will do well at least at 50% humidity level.

However, the humidity level can drop during winter, which can be a problem for the money trees. If you live in the colder region, you might be having humidity issues all through the year.

As much as money tree enjoys high humidity, the low humidity can harm the plant.

If your money tree is exposed to cold drafts or frost during winter, it can get severely damaged. Therefore, consider placing the plant away from the window to protect it from the harsh conditions of winter.

The cold air from the Aircon can also damage the money tree as it will dry out the plant. Avoid placing the money tree directly in front of an Aircon.

If you want to increase the humidity around your money tree, you can place it in the bathroom, basement, or kitchen, which is likely to get more humidity than the rest of the rooms of your house.

If your money tree already gets enough humidity, it won’t require misting. Instead, use an alternative method, such as placing the plant on a pebble tray or using a humidifier.

Do money trees like to be misted?

Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) watering

The money tree requires a lot of humidity, and misting can add that humidity to the plant.

In a dry area or during winter, misting the leaves with a spray bottle can increase the humidity around the plant.

However, misting might not be sufficient as the water can evaporate fast, which will not help increase your plants’ humidity.

You need to look for alternate methods that are more efficient than misting.

If you still want to mist your money tree, you need to consider the placement of your plant.

If the money tree is placed near a window with sufficient indirect light, it will need misting more often. However, if it is placed in the bathroom or the kitchen, it might already be getting enough humidity and not require misting.

Pros and cons of misting

Misting the money tree has its advantages and disadvantages.

There is a mixed opinion regarding misting, as some plant owners state that it has been beneficial for their plants, while some say that they have seen adverse effects.

Let’s consider both the pros and cons before you mist your plant.

Pros of misting

You need to pour water into a spray bottle to mist your plant’s leaves, so it is a relatively easy method of increasing humidity for the plants.

Misting can also help to clean the leaves of the plant. For example, you can wipe the money tree leaves with a cloth after you mist them. Cleaning the leaves will help the plant to photosynthesize efficiently.

While misting the money tree, add neem oil to the water and spray the solution on the plant. This will prevent pests without causing any harm to your plant.

Cons of misting

Misting can have many disadvantages if you are not careful about it.

First, if you start misting your money tree without checking the humidity level in your house, you will damage the plant.

If the air is dry, the water will start evaporating fast from the leaves, and misting will not be able to provide enough humidity to your plant.

Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) disease

Misting can spread fungal or bacterial infections in your plant. If your plant has an area affected by fungus or bacteria, misting the leaves will help them travel from one leaf to another, thus spreading the infection.

Misting can keep the leaves waiting for long, encouraging the growth of fungal and bacterial infections. A low-light area will amplify the situation for your money tree.

If you are misting the leaves of your money tree with tap water, the minerals present in that water, such as chlorine fluorine or calcium, will accumulate on the leaves and block them from soaking moisture.

If you are already facing these issues after misting your money tree, you can:

Stop using tap water and start using filtered water to mist your money tree. 

You can use neem and horticulture oils to stop bacterial and fungal infections. This will also keep the pests away. 

How do I check humidity levels in my home?

The humidity inside your house can depend on external factors such as your area, temperature, and season. The humidity levels can also differ depending on the rooms of your house.

For example, rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen will have higher humidity levels than the other rooms of your house.

When it comes to seasons, the humidity levels will drop during winter, so you might need to relocate your money tree to a room with higher humidity levels.

Hygrometers are devices with which you can check the humidity level inside your house. Using this will help you to determine the humidity of your home. After that, you can decide how you want to increase the moisture of your money tree.

Signs that your money tree requires more humidity

If you notice any of the below-mentioned signs in your money tree, it means that the plant requires more humidity.

  • Brown leaves
  • Wrinkled or curled leaves
  • Dry and crispy leaves
  • Scars on the leaves
  • Wilting of leaves

You can mist the plant if you notice any of the above signs on your money tree. But if that does not suffice, you must choose an alternative.

Use neem oil to mist your money tree to protect the plant from pests and fungal diseases.

How do you maintain the humidity level for the money tree?

If your money tree is not getting enough humidity, and misting is also not helping much, you can try some alternatives we have listed below.

Use a humidifier

Humidifiers are devices created to increase the humidity inside the houses.

You can use a humidifier to adjust the humidity levels inside your house as per your requirements.

You can first check the humidity using a hygrometer and then use the humidifier to adjust the humidity level accordingly. This will help the money tree by increasing the humidity around it.

Use a pebble tray.

You can use a pebble tray if you can’t get a humidifier.

To create a pebble tray, you need to take a tray and add some pebbles to it. Then, add water to the tray and fill the fables Halfway with water.

Place the money tree on the pebbles and ensure that the drainage holes are submerged in the water.

If the water level has gone down, add water to the tray. As the water evaporates, it adds humidity around your money tree. This also boosts the growth of your plant.

Group your money tree with other plants

When plants transpire, they let out some moisture that can increase the humidity level in that area.

Keeping your money tree with other plants can help increase the plant’s humidity.

However, before keeping your money tree with other plants, make sure that the plants are not infested with pests.

Keep an aquarium

Many people like to add aquariums to their houses. But did you know that aquariums can increase the humidity?

If you keep the money tree near an aquarium, it can get enough humidity from the aquarium.

The water of the aquarium is rich in nitrogen. So whenever you change the aquarium’s water, you can water your plants with the old water, as this is a natural fertilizer that will boost the growth of your plants.

Final words

The money tree enjoys a lot of humidity, and there are many ways to increase humidity for the plant if it is not getting enough of it.

You can mist your money tree once in a while, but it is not a long-term solution for increasing the humidity of your plant. Misting can help keep the leaves of your money tree clean, but it can also encourage the growth of fungus or bacteria.

Consider using a humidifier, adding a pebble tray, or an aquarium if you are trying to increase the humidity for your money tree.

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