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Is Jade Plant Toxic To Pets? (Cats, Dogs & Other Animals)

Pets and plants are two things that most people care for the most. We don’t want our pets to get hurt, and thus, it is a common question in every plant owner’s mind if a particular plant is safe for their pets or not. And today, we are going to learn if a jade plant is safe for pets or not?

Research conducted by The University of California states that the jade plant is toxic to all your pets, including dogs, cats, and other small animals. If ingested, it may cause heart irregularities, gastric issues, drooling, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. Rush your pet to a vet immediately.

My motive is not to scare you, but you must know these things to the keeper of the jade plant. Then, if any such case happens, one can take immediate action.

Let us find out the different signs of poisoning, its effect on dogs, cats, birds, how you should act in such a condition, how you can keep jade plants away from your pets, and more. So, let’s get started.

Jade plant 4

I have done my best to address all of your concerns in the article below. However, if you still have any questions or are confused about the article, you can receive personalized one-on-one assistance from me by leaving a comment below. I will respond to your comment within a few hours.

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Is jade plant pet safe?

No, jade plants are not going to be friendly if your pet tries to eat these plants. Though the chemicals emitted by the jade plant are still not very known, some professionals have claimed that jade plants may cause serious illness in pets.

These toxic substances can cause vomiting, depression, heartbeat irregularities when consumed by your pets. As a result, they may not be able to walk or may fall when trying to walk.

All parts of the jade plant are poisonous, and it is advised to keep your pets away from these plants.

With the above discussion, you might have realized that jade plants are not very friendly for your pets.

How poisonous is the jade plant?

The jade plants are mildly poisonous for humans, may cause constipation, gastric issues, and vomiting. However, it is toxic and poisonous to your pets, according to the findings of ASPCA.

A study conducted by The University of California places the jade plant under categories 2 and 4 for its toxicity levels. 

That means the sap coming out of the plant can be harmful to our pets if ingested in large quantities. However, a small bite can not kill them, but it will surely make them sick.

The thick (egg-shaped) leaves of the jade plant may look attractive to pets. And as a result, your pet may end up ingesting a small bite.

It is recommended that you keep your pets away from the jade plant and if they have consumed any of this plant, then immediately take them to the nearest vet and kindly don’t use any of your home remedies.

Sign of jade plant poisoning in pets

Pothos poisonous

The jade plant is one from the Crassula family of 1500 species from South Africa. One can find the poisoning in their pets by noticing these one or more symptoms in the pets.

These symptoms may vary from mild to very severe. Since it is still a matter of research to find what kind of toxin is present in the jade plant. Among pets like cats and dogs, the symptoms will be more severe.

The digestive system of these pet animals is not designed to digest these plants, and it reacts with the toxin present in it.

Thus, this may cause gastric issues, irritation in the mouth, vomiting, low heart rate, and non-sequential movement.

It may also cause paralysis in some parts of the body. Some other symptoms are diarrhea, aggression, uneasy behavior, depression, weakness, lethargy, and convulsion.

This toxin is in crystal form. Therefore, it does not mix with the saliva in the mouth and causes injury in the mouth and intestines.

These symptoms may be as mild as uneasy behavior, but they can get serious if ignored.

Which pets are more vulnerable to the jade plant?

Pets don’t know what they want; they are curious in nature. So they might intake this plant out of their curiosity. Pets like dogs, cats, birds, and sometimes aquatic animals are most vulnerable to this plant.

As we know, jade plants contain the toxic element in them. So their caretaker must look after them.

If ingested, a jade plant may cause many harmful side effects in these pets. Though the jade plant is a desert plant, people sometimes plant it in an aquarium.

It may not affect them for the time being, but a dying jade plant emits many harmful chemicals which may risk these aquatic beings.

It is in the best interest of these aquatic beings not to plant them in the aquarium, and if you do, then kindly keep in the notice to remove the dying jade plant.

How toxic are jade plants to dogs?

dog poisoned

There is no doubt that the jade plants are poisonous to dogs.

Sometimes it may cause mild stomach ache, but that is not necessary for every situation. 

Practically it is not possible to keep your pet animals in check, but if your pet has ingested the plant, you can find this out with the symptoms we have provided below:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Vomiting
  • Drooling
  • Uneasy behavior
  • Cuts in the mouth
  • Weakness
  • Non- sequential movement
  • Aggression, depression
  • Convulsion
  • Difficulty in breathing

The quantity of these plants consumed by your dog is also a matter of consideration to know how severe it can get.

If your dog has consumed the jade plant, then take your dog to the nearest veterinary hospital without wasting any time.

How poisonous are jade plants to cats?

cat poisoned

Yes, the jade plants are poisonous to cats.

As in the case of dogs, cats are also likewise affected by these plants. Therefore, these plants are equally harmful to your cats.

You can find the symptoms like:

  • Oral infection
  • Cuts in mouth
  • Respiratory issues
  • Vomiting
  • Slow heart rate
  • Indigestion
  • Burning sensation in the chest

Always try to find out the quantity that your cat has consumed. It will help the veterinary doctor in their treatment. 

After that, your doctor will use the standard evacuation, therapy of fluid, medication, decontaminating medicines, and may keep them in their observation for a few days.

Your innocent pets go through a lot of pain. However, if not given the proper and timely treatment, your pet may end up in a very severe condition. So make sure you rush them to a vet clinic if you notice any of the above signs.

How poisonous are jade plants to birds?

Without any doubt, jade plants are poisonous to birds. It may cause oral infection and inflammation. Every part of the jade plant, be it stem, leaves, or root, is poisonous for the birds.

Following are the symptoms that you can see if they ate the jade plant:

  • Vomiting
  • Depression
  • Aggression
  • Tremors
  • Shock
  • Unable to fly

It would be best to take your pet bird to the nearest veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

What to do if your pet ate a jade plant?

The foremost thing you can do for your pet if they consume the jade plant is to take them to the nearest veterinary doctor.

You can’t blame your pet or even oneself if they have consumed the jade plant. These plants look very attractive because of their shape and structure, and your pets cannot resist them.

All you can do is to provide them the proper treatment and try to keep that plant out of the reach of these pet animals.

Do not try your homemade remedies in situations like these. Take them to the vet. They know your pets more than you do.

They will take samples, cross-check the symptoms by keeping them in observation and give the treatment as required.

You can also keep the ASPCA number with you in case of urgency and act according to their advice.

The treatment your vet will provide to the pets includes medication, standard evacuation, activated charcoal treatment, and fluid therapy.

How to keep jade plants away from pets?

Jade plant

If you own a pet, keeping these household plants out of their reach is always advisable as you don’t know which plant can harm your pets.

You can keep them away using hanging pots, shelves, wall hangers, and keeping the plants in a separate room. Another great way is training your pets to avoid eating such plants.

One must also keep one’s safety in mind by wearing gloves and a face mask while handling these plants.

How to keep jade plants away from cats?

Cats are more playful animals in comparison with other pet animals. So, extra consciousness is needed if you have a cat as your pet animal.

Cats can reach places where it is even difficult for us to reach. Therefore, you should keep the jade plant in a place where you are ensured that your cat can’t reach it.

You can keep your plants in a floating container and ensure that your pots are not reachable by your cat.

Else, you should place your plant in a separate room where your cat doesn’t have access. Then, you can keep your pets in another room while you go out of your house.

How to keep jade plants away from dogs?

Dogs are curious animals. They want to know what is happening around them. However, they cannot reach everywhere as cats can. Therefore, it is easy for you to keep your plants away from them.

You can use a ceiling hanger or floating shelves to keep your plant away from your pet dog.

Dogs are many well-behaved animals, and they can be trained on what they should eat and what they should not eat.

You can use the planting space separated from the other room of the house so that your pet won’t reach them.

If you go out, keep your dogs in a room where they can’t munch on any of the plants. All these points are essential for your pet’s health.

How to keep jade plants away from birds?

It will be a little difficult for you to keep the jade plant out of the reach of your pet birds. Still, we have to ensure their safety.

We can use a small scarecrow as a distraction for the birds. Generally, birds get scared by these scarecrows.

Another way to keep these birds away is by using a plastic fencing net around the plant. It will help both the plant and the bird from each other.

We can use scary balloons near the plant to avoid the birds coming near to the plant.

One more way is by using radio sound as distress for the birds, and it will keep its distance from the plant.

You can find many other solutions other than these according to your available space. The only importance is to keep the plant and the pets away from each other.

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