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How To Propagate A Jade Plant? (Soil+Water Propagation)

Jade plants are beautiful succulents with oval-shaped fleshy, plump green leaves. They can be grown from cuttings and are popular among houseplant owners. 

You can also grow a new jade plant from its cutting if your existing plant is dying. But we need to know the right way to propagate a jade plant. So, in this article, we will learn all about propagating a jade plant.

To propagate a jade plant, you need healthy stem cuttings with at least 2-3 leaf nodes. Put the cutting in water, and keep the jar in a brightly lit area. After a few weeks, the roots will grow, and then you can transplant them into the soil. You can also propagate the jade plant directly in the soil.

Though it is a slow process, you need the patience to grow a new plant from cuttings. 

It is important to understand the techniques to get the cuttings and take proper care to support their growth and development.

We are here to help simplify your experience and help you get successful cuttings. Read the article below to learn about the jade plant’s propagation.

jade plant repot

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When to propagate your jade plant?

Propagating your jade plant at the right time is very important. The best time of the year for propagating them is in spring. 

This way, the plant will get all the favorable conditions needed for successful propagation.

You should never propagate your jade plants when they are unhealthy and about to die. 

If the plant seems to be dying, like it has yellow, drooping, wilted, and brown leaves, then the propagated plant may survive but will not grow successfully.

If your plant is just about to die and none of the treatments is working, only then take cuttings as a last resort to save them. However, there is no guarantee that the plant will survive, but we can give it a shot.

But make sure to try your best to save your dying jade plant before you attempt the propagation. Provide proper care and conditions to help plants revive back to good health.

In case you propagate during winter, it is the dormant period of the year; the plants rest during this time. 

Even the healthiest jade plant will hardly show any growth at this time. This time is all about rest and inactivity for the plant. 

Propagating the plant at this time has little chance of success. The plant will lack favorable conditions, and you cannot fertilize them to give them sufficient nutrients during winter. The plant may not have any growth or may even die.

Supplies needed to propagate the jade plant.

We need some supplies to propagate the jade plant. Keeping them handy will make the process easier. 

We will also tell you why they are required. Let’s see what they are: 

  • A pair of sterilized scissors/pruners
  • Disinfectant/rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • A potting medium
  • Cotton balls
  • A jar to keep the cuttings
  • A container for propagation

We need sterilized scissors/pruners to ensure we don’t spread any infection or disease to our new plant. 

Sometimes the plant may be pest infested, as they are very tiny, and it gets hard to see them through naked eyes. 

Planters make the mistake of taking the infected cuttings and then losing their propagated plant to it.

For other items, you need to read the topics below to understand their use and importance in propagation.

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How to propagate?

Propagating jade plants is easy. All you need is to follow a few steps and tada. You can propagate the jade plant in the following methods. 

  • Water propagation
  • Soil propagation

How to propagate a jade plant in water?

jade plant

To propagate the jade plant in water, use sterilized tools. It is a significant part of the process.

Let us go through the propagation method step by step:


Take a jar of water to put the cuttings; the water should be clean. Take chlorine-free water or distilled water. You can keep the tap water in a bucket overnight to reduce its chlorine content.

Take cuttings

Take a stem cutting of about 3 inches so that there is plenty of area for rooting the cuttings. Choose a healthy branch to take cuttings.

If the branch has more than 3 leaves, you can remove a few sets of leaves. 

The roots come out from the leaf joints, so the more the leaf joints more will be the chances of roots.

You can dip the clipper in rubbing alcohol or water. Please do not leave them outside in the air immediately after taking the cutting.

Submerge the cutting in water

jade plant pruning

Next, we need to pop the cutting into a jar of water that we prepared in the beginning. Now let the roots grow in their time.

You need to change the water once or twice a week. This is done to avoid algae and fungi development. Clean water will provide the cutting of the required nutrients to grow roots.

Make sure to dip the stem in the water and not its leaf. If the leaf is also dipped in water, it will rot.

Give the cutting ample light, but no harsh direct light at all. Keep them near a windowsill with indirect bright light.

Wait for the roots to develop.

Check the cutting in about a month to see if it has grown roots. 

You need to be patient for the roots to form at least 2 inches long. After a month you can repot it.

Repotting the plant

jade plant repotting

Take out the cutting from the jar when the roots are long enough. Prepare the pot beforehand by filling it with the appropriate potting medium. 

Use the soil mix formulated for succulents. Moisten the soil and let the excess water drain. 

Now make a hole in the soil, and set your cutting into the hole. Plant it deep to stand upright and tap the soil around it so the cutting can support itself.


Keep the soil moist for the first two months to allow the roots to grow quickly. Give them ample light to avoid rotting.

Wait for 3-4 months to add fertilizer.

How to propagate jade plant in soil

Propagation in the soil is similar to the water propagation method; the only difference is that the cutting directly needs to be repotted in the soil.

Take cuttings

jade plant clipping

Cut the stem using a sharp, sterilized scissor. Cut a stem from a section with at least two nodes or at least 3-4 leaves. Taking large stem cuttings is said to be more successful.

Let the cutting dry out for 2 days before repotting.

Choosing the pot

Choose the pot with the proper drainage system as the jade plant cannot tolerate excess water sitting in the soil. 

The chances of root rot are high if the pot is not appropriate. Preferably take a porous pot to allow easy flow of air and water.

Take the right size pot, according to the size of the cutting. The wrong size of the pot will hinder the growth of the roots.

Plant the cutting in the soil

jade plant mist

Once the cutting is ready, fill the pot with the appropriate soil mix. Water the soil to moisten it and let the excess water drain completely. 

Now use a fingertip or a pencil to make a hole in the soil. Set the cutting in the hole such that it can stand straight. 

If required, you can use a chopstick to hold the cutting till it supports itself.

Provide proper light

To support your plant to root and develop, you need to provide them with sufficient light. 

Keeping them in a spot with 4-6 hours of indirect bright light is sufficient.

Do not expose them to direct, intense light, as it can scorch the leaves and keep the plant dry.


Water the plant once the soil is dry and let the roots grow and develop with time. Do not overwater it, and keep checking if the plant is getting proper care.


Can you propagate a jade plant leaf?

Yes, you can propagate your jade plant through leaf cutting. For successful propagation, you need to take the cutting correctly. It would be best if you got the entire stem of the leaf when breaking it off.

Where can I cut the jade plant for propagation?

Always clip below the leaf node to propagate the jade plant successfully. The more nodes, the more chances of the roots to form.

How long does it take to propagate the jade plant?

If properly propagated and provided with proper care, it will take about a month for the roots to grow. You must wait for at least 2 more months to repot them till the roots have grown at least 2 inches long.

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