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9 Low-Maintenance Houseplants To Get Plant Parent Journey Started!

As a new parent, my world revolves around feeding times, diaper changes, and trying to snatch a precious few minutes of sleep. Amid this beautiful chaos, nurturing a lush indoor garden might seem like a distant dream.

But what if I told you that adding a touch of green to your home doesn’t have to be time-consuming?

That’s right, I’ve found some amazing low-maintenance houseplants that thrive on neglect – a perfect match for my fellow sleep-deprived moms and dads!

You might be wondering if these plants can truly withstand the unpredictable schedule and occasional forgetfulness that comes with parenting.

Well, I’m living proof that it’s possible to keep these resilient beauties alive and kicking. So if you can barely find time to water a plant, let alone repot it, fear not! I’m introducing you to your new frond friends who are perfect for your busy lifestyle.

And who knows, they might even become a fun part of your self-care routine – because we all know we could use a bit more ‘me’ time, right? 🌿😉

Now, which plants am I talking about? Stick around because I will share the must-haves for your low-effort indoor oasis.

From the air-purifying snake plant that practically thrives on neglect to the charming spider plant that just keeps giving – there are options for every type of parent out there.

Are you ready to revamp your space with some leafy companions that ask for little and give a lot? Share your thoughts and let me know your go-to houseplants in the comments below! 🌱💚

Houseplant grouped together

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Choosing the Right Houseplants

When you’re juggling diaper changes and 3 a.m. feedings, the last thing you need is a fussy fern demanding attention. So, let me guide you through picking the perfect low-maintenance green pals! 🌿

Considerations for New Parents

Balancing baby duties with some leafy love requires choosing houseplants that fit with your new, hectic lifestyle.

Ask yourself, do I have the time to devote to frequent watering or pruning? The answer is probably “Not really!” So, plants that can handle a bit of neglect are your new best friends.

Assessing Your Living Space

Every nook and cranny in your home has the potential for the perfect plant spot. But not all corners are created equal. Bright, indirect light, or shady spots?

You’ll need to match the plant to the place. Take a quick inventory of your available spaces—it’s like matchmaking but for plants and windowsills!

Low-Maintenance Criteria

Here’s the skinny on what to look for in a plant buddy when you’re knee-deep in parenting:

  • Watering: Can they handle a missed watering… or three? 🌊
  • Light: Will they thrive in your apartment’s natural light, or lack thereof? 😎
  • Growth: Slow growers mean you’re not repotting while baby is zonked on your lap. 🪴

Safety for Babies and Pets

We all know that babies and fur babies have a knack for nibbling things they shouldn’t. Safety first—always check if a plant is non-toxic before bringing it home. Nothing spoils the fun like an unexpected trip to the doctor or vet!

Stick with me, fellow sleep-deprived plant lovers! You’ve got this. 🌱 And hey, why not share your first-hand tips in the comments? What’s your go-to low-maintenance plant?

Top 9 Low-Maintenance Houseplants

If you’re like me, juggling the joys of parenting with your love of plants, you’ll appreciate this list. Let’s dive into these green buddies that won’t mind if you skip a watering or two. 🌿

Snake Plant

Snake PlantDracaena trifasciata in sunlight

Sansevieria, also known as the Snake Plant, is my go-to for any spot in the house. You can forget about this tough cookie for weeks, and it’ll still stand tall with its striking, upright leaves. Got a dark corner? No problem for this plant!

Spider Plant

Spider plantChlorophytum comosum placement

Who doesn’t love the Spider Plant? With its playful, arching leaves and baby ‘spiderettes,’ it brightens up any room. Plus, it’s superb at purifying the air. Are you even a plant parent if you don’t have one of these?


Pothos plant not growing

Pothos, or should I say, the ‘cascading queen,’ is a champion of neglect. Its viney demeanor means you can drape it, hang it, or let it climb. Bonus points: It’s a snap to propagate – just snip and pot!

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia Light needs

The ZZ Plant zips to the top of my list because of its drought tolerance and low-light love. Missed a watering? ZZ doesn’t care. It thrives on your forgetfulness. 😅

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that keeps on giving. Burn yourself making those kiddo snacks? A snip of Aloe to the rescue! It’s as beneficial as it is fuss-free.

Jade Plant

jade plant21

For a touch of good luck and prosperity, bring in a Jade Plant. Its chubby leaves are almost as cute as chubby baby cheeks! Plus, they rarely need a drink.

Rubber Plant

rubber plant

The Rubber Plant is a stately addition with its glossy, dark leaves. It’s a champ in low-light conditions and has a zen vibe that reminds me to breathe when the toys start taking over the house.

Peace Lily

peace lily plant growing well

White blooms and dark green leaves? Sign me up for Peace Lily elegance. It’s forgiving if you miss a watering and loves to let you know when it’s thirsty with a dramatic droop. Who else loves a little drama? 🎭


Philodendron new leaves growth

Lastly, the heart-leaf Philodendron is the sweetheart of the plant world. It’s adaptable, easy to care for, and a perfect beginner’s choice. Just watch those hearts grow!

Hey, fellow plant lovers, which of these have you tried, and which are you eager to add to your home jungle? Drop a comment, share your pics, or any tips you might have. Can’t wait to see your green spaces! 🌱

Houseplant Placement Tips

When I think about placing my low-maintenance houseplants, it’s all about finding the perfect spot where they’ll thrive without much fuss. Let’s dive right in!

Sunlight and Shading

I love the way sunlight filters through my windows, but not all my plant pals are sun-seekers.

Snake plants and pothos are champs in low-light conditions, so they’re happy even if they’re a bit away from the window.

Remember, indirect sunlight is the sweet spot for most houseplants, so keep them near a source of natural light but away from the harsh midday sun.

Need a quick tip? Corner spots with sheer curtains can be your best friend—they offer lovely diffused light! 🌿☀️

Optimal Temperature Ranges

My houseplants don’t ask for much—just a cozy spot with the right temp. Ideally, keeping them in a place where it’s between 65-75°F (18-24°C) will make them comfy.

Avoid drafts, air vents, or radiators because drastic temperature swings are like roller coasters for plants, and trust me, they are not thrill-seekers.

Quick check: Is your spot too hot or too cold? Your plants will tell you with their leaves. Look for clues, and move them to a happier home if needed! 🌡️🌱

Proximity to Children and Pets

Haha, I can’t tell you how many times my curious cat has made a salad out of my plants. I’ve learned to place my non-toxic houseplants like spider plants and Boston ferns out of pounce’s reach.

And if you’ve got munchkins running around, a tall shelf or hanging planters can be a game-changer—beautiful and baby-proof!

Oh, and if you’re a pro at keeping things out of reach in your home, share your tips below—I could use them! 🐾👶

What are your go-to spots for houseplants in your home? Drop a comment and let’s swap some green-thumb secrets! 🌵💬

Houseplant care tips for beginners: Keep Them Alive!

Snake PlantDracaena trifasciata Soil mix

Let me share some easy-peasy tips to keep your green buddies thriving, even if your schedule is as packed as a diaper bag on a day out!

Watering Wisdom: It’s all about balance! Too much H2O? Root rot alert! Too little? Hello, wilt! I like to do the finger test—stick it in the soil up to the first knuckle. If it’s dry, it’s time to give your plant a drink. 💧

Spot-On Sunlight: Much like us finding that perfect sun spot for a selfie, your plants love their light! But not all plants crave the limelight. Some prefer indirect sun, so placing them near a window that gets bright, filtered light is like giving them their favorite treat! 🌞

Feeding Finesse: Your green buddies are just like us; they get hangry too! But don’t overfeed them; think of fertilizer more like a vitamin boost rather than an all-you-can-eat buffet. 🍽️

Temperature Tips: Keep your plant pals away from drafty spots. Just as we don’t like shivers, neither do they—so no chilly windowsills!

Humidity Hacks: Some plants love to stay as hydrated as we do on a gym day. For those who need a bit of a tropical vibe, misting them occasionally is like a mini spa day. 🛀

Potting & Soil Secrets: Make sure their pots have drainage holes—nobody likes soggy feet, right? And giving them high-quality soil is like a five-star hotel for plant roots. Luxurious!

Remember, every plant has a personality; get to know them! What works for your rubber plant might not cheer up your snake plant. Oh, did I just see your new ZZ plant perk up when you whispered some encouragement? Go on, they love that! 💚

I’m curious, what’s your go-to trick for keeping houseplants happy? Drop your comments below, and let’s grow our plant parenting skills together! 🌿


9 Low Maintenance Houseplants To Get Plant Parent Journey Started

I’ve been there, fellow new parents! Amidst the whirlwind of diapers, feeds, and precious little sleep, finding time for ourselves can seem like solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded.

🤔 But hey, adding a touch of green with low-maintenance houseplants might just be the slice of zen we’re after.

Don’t worry about your plant-parent skills; with the likes of the unfussy Spider Plant, you’ve got a green buddy that’s more independent than a teen, hardly batting an eyelid if you forget to water it now and then.

🌱 And let’s not forget our patterned friend, the Calathea concinna, brightening up even the dimmest corners without craving constant sunshine. 🌞

Remember, these plants ask for so little but give back so much—clean air, a serene vibe, and that proud feeling when you haven’t turned them into a dried bouquet. 😅 So, which of these green pals have you invited into your home? Any survival stories to share? Drop a comment below, and let’s swap plant tales! 📢

And if you’ve managed to keep a plant alive longer than your sourdough starter… kudos to you! Let’s celebrate these small victories. Share your plant’s photo on social, and let’s spread some much-needed greenery and giggles. 🌿💚

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